Perceptual Adaptive Learning Modules for Residents

Perceptual Adaptive Learning Modules (PALMs) is the first learning software of its kind, offering products that apply perceptual (and adaptive) learning to some of the toughest subjects in many domains. This patented online measurement tool enhances already established residency teaching methods and content. Watch the quick video and see below to learn more.

Institutional PALMs subscriptions from STAT!Ref can create custom modules built using already developed content or learning materials, allowing each resident to access and use the platform based on custom preferences. Residents’ progress and achievement of Mastery Levels/Learning Points can then be monitored through detailed reports and special administrative access.

Click here or call 1-800-901-5494 to schedule a quick 20-minute webinar to review PALMs, and learn how it can be applied to curricula, classes and labs.