Datamonitor Healthcare: The Most Comprehensive Pharma Intelligence Resource Available

Would a resource that provides you the most up to date analytical data on the pharma market be a value to your institution? Datamonitor Healthcare is currently being used by ALL of the top 50 Pharma companies. And, now, Datamonitor Healthcare and STAT!Ref have partnered to provide this valuable resource to the academic marketplace. Please see below for more information about Datamonitor Healthcare, or click here to schedule a quick webinar to learn more.


What is Datamonitor Healthcare?

  • Datamonitor Healthcare combines primary research and validated secondary data to deliver the key information & statistics that are necessary throughout the research process
  • Event driven updates deliver real-time information the minute it’s made available
  • Data visualization tools to explore forecasts in detailed views
  • Expert analyst opinion derived from interviews with key opinion leaders and players and comprehensive review of secondary sources
  • 20-year epidemiology forecasts split by clinically relevant patient segmentations
  • Analysis of key strategic issues in pharma industry reveals current trends and future market evolution
  • Exhaustive company analysis of 35+ top pharmaceutical & biotech firms

Key Benefits:

  • Holistic view of the entire Pharmaceutical & Healthcare industry all in one place
  • Primary research and validated secondary information greatly helps researchers justify funding and dedicate research resources
  • Industry quality information will prepare graduates for post-graduate careers

By providing your institution with a full view of the health sciences landscape, including coverage of major disease areas, existing drug analysis and epidemiological examination, this new resource from STAT!Ref will guarantee confidence in your institution’s medical research decisions and investments. Feel free to reach out to us here anytime and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have about Datamonitor Healthcare.