Essential Evidence Plus Features Cochrane Systematic Reviews, POEMs, Podcasts and More

The STAT!Ref evidence-based point of care resource Essential Evidence Plus & AHFS DI Essentials just got more user friendly. In an effort to make the POEMs (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters) Research Summaries, Chochrane Systematic Reviews and Podcasts within Essential Evidence Plus™ more visible and easier to use, you can now access these diagnostic tools right from the Table of Contents. Please see this new table of contents in the product, and see below to learn more about these important features.


  • EE+ POEMs or “Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters” are synopses of new evidence carefully filtered for relevance to patient care and evaluated for validity. Daily POEMs are e-mail alerts that identify the most valid, relevant research to help you practice. Monthly, the complete set is compiled and sent for additional summary review. Each Daily POEM is also added to the Daily POEMs database in EE+, for easy future reference. To manage your Daily POEMs email subscription and alerts please see the EE+ POEMs Daily Alerts handout here, or please view a quick two-minute tutorial video here.
  • Abstracts of Cochrane Systematic Reviews are the gold standard for evidence-based therapeutics. EE+ includes 5800+ abstracts, with links to the full text with a subscription to The Cochrane Library.
  • POEM of the Week Podcasts feature Dr. Mark Ebell, EE+ Editor-in-Chief, and Dr. Michael Wilkes, NPR correspondent and Vice Dean of the UC Davis Medical School, briefly discussing an important, recent POEM. The discussion provides additional depth and insight into the issue covered by the POEM synopsis.

To schedule a demonstration webinar, or to add EE+ to your STAT!Ref subscription, contact a STAT!Ref Team Member here or by calling 800-901-5494 today.