Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules Offer a New Way to Customize Learning

Learning to interpret signs, symptoms, and clinical test results is a central goal of medical education. Unfortunately, current didactic approaches, using books, videos, lectures, and note-taking, are not effective ways to develop these pattern-recognition skills.

Now, for the first time, highly effective and efficient systematic ways of teaching clinical pattern recognition are available with PALMs from Med Insight LTPALMs, or Perceptual-Adaptive Learning Modules, from Med Insight LT are a revolutionary advanced learning technology using a patented combination of perceptual and adaptive sequencing based on both accuracy and speed of learners to improve learning and retention of information over regular didactic methods.

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PALMs offers existing, already developed suites, as seen here, ready for purchase. Or, in place of or in addition to purchasing already created suites, there are options to customize and build your own suites using specific institutionally-owned materials and existing curricula content.

PALMs have helped many medical student, trainees and professionals develop deep understanding and automaticity with difficult subjects. See below to read what people are saying about PALMs.

“I learned EKGs using this module better than any other method in medical school… I think the PALM series is a phenomenal resource for medical students and residents alike and it differentiates itself from other learning modules by its simple but to the point presentations. It covers all the basics and gradually builds up in its level of difficulty preventing burn out and boredom.”

“I found the module to be extremely helpful. It kept me engaged while I was learning the [dermatology] morphologies rather than staring passively at pictures. I wish more of these types of modules could be incorporated into the curriculum.”

“I think it was much easier to learn histopathology when it was shown with contrasting slides. It was also easier to learn by looking at a LOT of images and seeing patterns instead of talking about a small handful — I found that I learned more in the module than in most classes.”

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