New Edition: Concepts in Pharmacogenomics

As the growing field of pharmacogenomics continues to impact daily practice and offer promising new drug therapies, understanding this complex science is critical for all pharmacists—students, residents, and established practitioners. To meet this need, ASHP’s Concepts in Pharmacogenomics has been completely updated for the second edition. Edited by Martin M. Zdanowicz, Ph.D., MEd, MA, the new edition covers both the fundamentals of pharmacogenomics and the latest genomic technologies.


Written by pharmacists and geneticists, this resource not only covers basic science concepts but also includes expanded coverage of therapeutic applications. Each chapter features key definitions, case studies, and clinical pearls, with figures and summary tables to further support learning.

This new edition includes:

  • Updated methodologies such as next generation sequencing
  • Advances in therapeutic applications
  • Expanded use of point-of-care genetic testing
  • Role of pharmacogenomics in the individualization of chemotherapy
  • New chapters on pharmacogenomics of drug addiction and antidiabetic drugs

A clearly written, comprehensive guide to the evolving science of pharmacogenomics, the second edition can help students and clinicians acquire a deep understanding of this important new scientific field and become current with today’s latest developments.

“I recently completed an eight-week course in pharmacogenomics for my own continuing education and interest, so it was apropos that this book came to me for review. The book is thorough in presenting the fundamentals of the science without being overwhelming, and the application sections are very practical and user friendly. I recall the first edition of this book, so it’s nice to see the updates in this ever changing and exciting field. I could certainly see this being used as a textbook in pharmacy schools, as well as a user-friendly resource for those desiring information on this topic.” — Patrick McDonnell, PharmD (Temple University School of Pharmacy) Doody’s Review

“While there are other books on pharmacogenomics, this one is unique in its approach to the topic and, to my knowledge, is the first to be written with pharmacy students (or practicing pharmacists) as the target audience. This book should be a part of the library for anyone with an interest in pharmacogenomics.” — Michael Jacobs, BS, PharmD (Temple University School of Pharmacy) Doody’s Review – previous edition

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