BoardVitals Dynamic Resource for Board Exam Preparation

BoardVitals from STAT!Ref is a powerful tool for developing board review practice examinations, focused topic question banks, and a way for your fellows to create their own review examinations for self-study. Please see below to learn more about BoardVitals and what separates this dynamic resource for board exam preparation from other exam prep resources.


With question banks for 40+ specialties, BoardVitals strives to provide the highest quality, affordable, effective and powerful board review tool available. The flexibility of its database management system and the functionality it provides are why more than 300 institutions trust BoardVitals for assessment, curriculum, exam preparation, and continuing education.

BoardVitals not only streamlines the ability to create topic specific practice quizzes and create practice exams, but BoardVitals also automatically corrects the exams for you, provides the rationale for the correct answer, provides why the other answers were incorrect, and also suggests areas of further study based on the examinee’s results.

To learn about BoardVitals and its capabilities, please click here to view a short demonstration video or click here to contact us and we will be in touch shortly.