Protocol Builder New Administrator Features

Protocol Builder helps improve the quality and consistency of clinical research protocols so they can move through internal and IRB processes more efficiently.  Recently enhanced with brand new features for administrators, Protocol Builder now allows administrators to better manage investigators and understand application usage. See the Protocol Builder administrator features handout to learn more, or click here to contact us anytime to schedule a personalized demonstration of Protocol Builder.


Protocol Builder provides administrators the ability to manage key aspects of the platform:

  • Update account information
  • Establish output branding and confidentiality statement
  • Manage users
  • Manage Home Page messaging
  • Create reports

Protocol Builder Administrators can now view and/or make changes within the following profile tabs:

  • Client set up – view account start and end date and payment status
  • Billing Address – view billing address and invoice recipient
  • Contact Information – account admin account information
  • Branding – add your institution’s logo to all protocols
  • Legal – add a standard confidentiality statement to all protocols, add institution-specific messages to the Protocol Builder home page (only visible to the users on the account)
  • User list upload – Add groups of new users using a csv file upload

The Users page provides Protocol Builder Administrators with the ability to view and manage users:

  • View, filter and sort user list
  • Edit user information and access
  • Add new users (manually)
  • Delete users

Protocol Builder Administrators can create reports from the Users page:

  • Filter list based on Status – Active or Blocked users
  • Click the Download button at the bottom of the page
  • Open exported file (CSV format)
  • Create user reports:
    • User status – Active or Blocked
    • User history – registration and last access
    • Protocols – number of protocols by user and total
    • Organization groupings – identify collaborators outside the institution
    • Departmental grouping – understand usage by department

Do you have time for a quick webinar to review Protocol Builder? Please click here and a STAT!Ref representative will be in touch with you shortly.