PALMs Customizable and Comprehensive Learning System from Med Insight LT

PALMs or Perceptual-Adaptive Learning Modules, from Med Insight LT are a revolutionary advanced learning technology using a PATENTED combination of perceptual and adaptive sequencing based on both accuracy and speed of learners to improve learning and retention of information over regular didactic methods.

PALMs will:

  • Improve learning outcomes and long term retention of information
  • Set learning points and track students’ progress in learning these points until they achieve a mastery level
  • Engage more students and faculty to save time and costs
  • With customization, integrate your own course materials to create your own PALMs and/or choose from the already developed modules available

Developed by Dr. Phillip Kellman, the principal investigator at UCLA Human Perception Lab and his team of researchers and supported by detailed studies and research, the PALMs product is the only learning technology that offers this adaptive sequencing based on speed and accuracy of learners’ responses with the ability to provide feedback. To learn more about the features of the PALMs comprehensive learning system click here to set up a quick webinar, or please see below.

Rapid and Durable LearningPerceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules (PALMs) help learners to quickly master the ability to discriminate among concepts and items belonging to different perceptual categories, fostering learning that is durable and long-lasting.

Research-Proven Techniques

Years of scientific research in laboratories at UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania reveal that the adaptive learning algorithms used by MEDInsightLT greatly reduce learning time and ensure strong retention.

Tailored Feedback

PALMs offer unique opportunities for rich feedback that is incorporated directly into the ongoing learning session. This immediate feedback helps learners master the patterns and relationships that underlie the correct classifications of items.

Objective Learning Criteria

PALMs set an objective standard of mastery for each category of items to be learned (e.g., diagnoses, anatomical identifications), allowing educators to monitor the status of each individual’s progress in mastering the learning points/categories and make sure that the learning experience is complete.

Tracking & Assessments

In addition to tracking individual items, overall performance is tracked and monitored. PALMs, coupled with Assessments offer unprecedented opportunities for exposing and giving additional practice in areas of the individual learner’s weaknesses.


Once each category of items has been mastered – after several spaced, accurate answers, each made within a target response time – it is retired from the learning set for that session, thereby focusing the learner’s efforts on material that still needs to be mastered.

Sequenced vs. Unsequenced Modes

The Sequenced Mode guides learners through a series of learning events: pre-test, training, post-test, optional further practice, and an optional delayed test. The Unsequenced Mode puts learners in charge of their own learning style, allowing them to work on training modules or assessments in any order and as frequently as desired.

Robust User Management

Our administrator tools allow educators to manage instructors, classes, and individual learners, as well as easily set different learning modes for individuals or groups.

Powerful Score Reporting

The Score Reporter benefits both learners and educators by reporting the most useful features of the individual’s learning progress, such as difficulty in mastering each learning point/category, individual performance history, and more.

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