The Altmetric Top 100: Most Popular Scientific Studies of 2017

Have you seen the Altmetric Top 100 list for 2017? Click here to see it now. In the past year, Altmetric has tracked over 18.5 million mentions of 2.2 million different research outputs. They have selected the top 100 most-discussed journal articles of 2017, ranked in order of their Altmetric Attention Score on November 15, 2017.


As discussed in their recent blog post, it is no surprise that “medical and public health issues have drawn the highest levels of attention. Much of the most discussed research speaks to the broader social zeitgeist: tackling gender stereotypes, the stigmas around mental illness, robots taking our jobs and the effects of climate change are all covered.”

The top 3 papers of 2017 are:

To see what other academic research caught the public imagination in 2017, you can view the full list here and listen to the podcast here. To learn more about Altmetric badges in STAT!Ref and how they work click here or contact us here today.