Primal Pictures 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy Now Includes Correlative Cadaver Dissection Images

Primal’s 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy is the ultimate, unrivalled 3D anatomy atlas and reference tool. You can easily source, construct and share the perfect anatomical view to meet your curriculum and practice requirements. This interactive and engaging resource combines a gallery of expert-selected classic anatomy views with intuitive customization tools giving you complete control to explore and create – in real-time – highly-customized content tailored to your specific needs – while saving you time.

And, now, their latest enhancement introduces side-by-side cadaver to 3D model correlations sure to help you and your students optimize cadaver-based learning through interactive, consistent preparation and assessment – pre, during and post-lab. Click here to learn more about the new 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy dissection images.

cadaver dissection.png

The new 3D Real-time Dissections Gallery involves the following:

  • 68 interactive cadaveric dissections compliment 11 of the 12 3D Real-time Human Anatomy modules
  • Presented side-by side, the interactive cadaveric dissection images are correlated with the corresponding 3D anatomical models for further engagement, context and relevance
  • Didactic features such as interactive labeling, and traditional colored highlights overlaid on top of the cadaveric dissections provide further clarity and understanding for improved student outcomes

For more information about how you can bring 3D Real-Time Human Anatomy to your organization, please click here to contact your STAT!Ref sales representative today!