New Video Product Now Available: Pharmacology World

Now available from STAT!Ref, Pharmacology World provides students with a robust collection of videos covering ALL aspects of Pharmacology. Developed by Dr. Michael Lee, this resource is a terrific resource for anyone learning Pharmacology, applicable to medical, dentistry, pharmacy, physician assistant, nursing and more.

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Dr. Michael Lee has spent the last 12-years teaching every area of pharmacology to hundreds of students including medical, pharmacy, undergraduate, graduate, dental, and optometry students at both large public universities and small private colleges. He was recently recruited to serve as a founding Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the new University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School in Austin, Texas. Dr. Lee is actively engaged in basic science research and medical education research, which is aimed at identifying strategies to improve student learning and the long-term retention of pharmacology knowledge.

Please see the overview on the STAT!Ref website and the details provided below to learn more about this must have pharmacology resource.

Pharmacology World Key Points

  • Help users master the key concepts of pharmacology
  • Cover all major drug classes and include: mechanism of action, key pharmacokinetics, major therapeutic uses, and common and serious adverse effects
  • Incorporate relevant physiology, pathophysiology and biochemistry
  • Can be used to fill the void in lectures or in curriculums lacking pharmacology
  • Prepare users for course exams and national licensing exams

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