New Editions Now Available in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Dentistry and Virology

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The Tenth Edition of Essentials of Dental Radiography for Dental Assistants and Hygienists retains core fundamentals presented in earlier editions that focus on an in-depth study of key principles, while expanding and incorporating new concepts that reflect the body of knowledge and evidence-based practice advances that influence the prescription, delivery, and evaluation of radiographic examinations. This clear, up-to-date, reader-friendly text tightly links oral radiology principles with modern practice. It presents all of the necessary information for introductory courses in dental radiography, prepares students for board and licensing examinations, and offers real-world resources for clinical practice and patient management. Learn more about this Doody’s Core Title here.

Occupational and environmental contributions to the occurrence of disease and injury represent a core component of public health and health care. Factors in the workplace and the ambient environment have significant impacts on individual and community health. Now thoroughly updated in a seventh edition, Occupational and Environmental Health: Recognizing and Preventing Disease and Injury is a comprehensive, practical textbook for understanding how work and environment influence individual and population health. Comprising 40 chapters written by national and international experts, this book combines theory and practical insights to help readers effectively recognize and prevent occupational and environmental disease and injury. Click here to read more about this leading text on occupational and environmental health.

Now in its 5th edition, Human Virology provides a vivid introduction to this fascinating field, by incorporating both the molecular and clinical aspects of the subject. The general principles and properties of viruses are covered in the first part of the text, while part two provides a survey of the different virus families and the human diseases they cause. Finally, the book concludes with some of the more practical aspects of the subject, such as immunization, antiviral chemotherapy and laboratory techniques. Throughout the text, case studies bring the subject to life by providing a unique perspective from real practicing doctors. In addition new ‘hot topic’ boxes have been incorporated into this edition, featuring current important areas of research. Little prior knowledge is assumed, making Human Virology the perfect text for those students new to the subject. Click here to discover more about this invaluable textbook for undergraduate virology students as well as nursing and medical students.

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