New BoardVitals Feature Now Available: Exam Scheduling

BoardVitals is happy to announce a brand new feature that now allows Administrators and Instructors to schedule exams for their students. With exam scheduling Administrators and Instructors can now easily create exams ahead of time, and set a time for them to be automatically sent out.

They also have an option to set an end time to them as well so that access is cut off at a certain time. Students will be notified when the exam is sent and of when it needs to be submitted by if a time limit has been set. Watch the video below to learn more.

BoardVitals Training Video: How to Create and Send Exams to Students

As a reminder, Administrators of BoardVitals can also track overall usage and performance, track individual performance, flag individual questions and view categorical performance. Click here to view training videos demonstrating these important features.

If you have questions about this new feature or would like to learn more about BoardVitals options for your institution, please contact us here today.