Engage Your Students with PALMs Advanced Learning Tools

Developed by Dr. Phillip Kellman, the principal investigator at UCLA Human Perception Lab, PALMs revolutionary advanced learning technology uses a patented combination of perceptual and adaptive sequencing based on BOTH accuracy and speed of learners. It serves to improve learning and retention of information vs. regular didactic methods and can be customized for medical colleges and residency programs. Contact us to add this comprehensive learning tool to your subscription, or see below to learn more.

PALMs offers existing, already developed suites, as seen here, ready for purchase. Or, in place of or in addition to purchasing already created suites, there are options to customize and build your own suites using specific institutionally-owned materials and existing curricula content.

The effectiveness of PALMs teaching methods is tested and proved by detailed studies, research and publications; It is the only learning technology that offers this adaptive sequencing based on speed and accuracy of learners’ responses with the ability to provide feedback. The technology has already been applied to variety of course and classes at educational institutions, Department of Defense, Simulation Labs and more.

Click here or call 1-800-901-5494 to schedule a quick 20-minute webinar to review PALMs, and learn how it can be applied to curricula, classes and labs today!