Protocol Builder: A Better Protocol-Writing Tool

In a recent independent study done comparing Protocol Builder vs. Microsoft Word called Protocol Builder Ascension Health Study: Protocol Builder versus Word Innovation, it was found that Protocol Builder helped to lower FTE hours per user, significantly lower costs associated with FTE, ensure completeness and more.  Click here for a handout and see the main points below to learn more about this essential cloud-based protocol writing technology.


Protocol Builder Saves Time and Money
Users required less assistance to complete the protocols using Protocol Builder,
decreasing the cost of providing administrative support to investigators by 85%

Protocol Builder Significantly Improved Protocol Completeness
Protocol Builder drove 100% completion of all sections – a dramatic improvement over

Protocol Builder is Easier to Use and Received Strong User Endorsement
Users agreed that Protocol Builder is fairly to significantly easier to use that Word in all
areas of protocol writing. Overall, Protocol Builder received a strong endorsement
from users

See what others are saying:

“It is a step by step process, you are aware of your progress at all times. I liked the
quick explanations provided, instructional for each portion, and liked the collaborative

“Definitely user-friendly for the unexposed uninitiated!”

“It was easier to track changes than in the Word document”

“The program made sure you completed all sections so you were not concerned you
missed any.”

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