New Primal Pictures Anatomy PALMs

The new Anatomy Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules(PALMs) from Primal Pictures are a standalone interactive online adaptive tool that reinforces concepts mastered through the use of Primal Picture’s award-winning 3D human anatomy solutions. STAT!Ref is extending our introductory offer and giving a 25% discount to those that purchase Anatomy PALMs from now until the end of June.

Primal Pictures has partnered with Med Insight LT, a leading learning technology company applying cutting-edge research in cognitive science to achieve breakthroughs in computer-based learning, to introduce Anatomy PALMs:

  • Powered by patented technology that reinforces comprehension and understanding of essential anatomy concepts
  • Combines research-proven learning techniques with the most medically-accurate 3D models of human anatomy
  • The only online training technology based on peer reviewed research from highly respected academic cognitive psychologists

PALMs adapts to the individual learner, accelerating pattern recognition, so students and staff can quickly master both facts and interpretations of clinically-relevant material.

  • NINE LEARNING MODULES covering regional anatomy.
  • RESEARCH-PROVEN perceptual and adaptive learning techniques and interactive format.
  • DESIGNED TO TAILOR to each learner as they master the content for deeper understanding and greater retention of required
    anatomical knowledge.

Please let us know if you are interested in a webinar to review Primal Pictures Anatomy PALMs and taking advantage of this special discount offer by filling out this form today!