New BoardVitals NCLEX RN Question Bank Features Now Available

BoardVitals NCLEX RN question bank has recently been updated with exciting new features to help your students learn better, gain relevant practice, and feel confident going into test day. These features include detailed explanations for distractor answers, a Practice Connection section, alternate item format questions, more question categories and CAT technology.

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Detailed Explanations for Distractor Answers

While BoardVitals question banks have always included detailed explanations, the NCLEX® question banks include additional details in those explanations, that focus particularly on the distractor explanations that can often trip up test takers during the exam. These distractor explanations will include graphics and images when applicable to help your students learn the information better.

Practice Connection

Each question will have a Practice Connection section, which provides the test taker with additional key information and/or a summary of important points for quick recall. It is designed to help your students not only understand where many test takers go wrong, but highlight the key takeaways your students should understand for each concept and knowledge area tested.

Alternate Item Format NCLEX® Questions

On test day, your students will encounter a variety of question formats on the exam. In addition to the traditional multiple choice questions, BoardVitals has recently added questions written in the “alternate item formats” found on the NCLEX®. These alternate format questions include:

  • Select all that apply (SATA) or Multiple response items
    • Requires examinees to select more than one correct answer
  • Graphic items
    • Items with graphics as answer options instead of text
  • Hot spot items
    • Requires examinees to select an area of a figure to answer the presented problem
  • Drag and drop ordered response items
    • Requires examinees to move options in a certain order
  • Fill in the blank calculation items
    • Examinees must type in numbers in a calculation
  • Audio questions
    • Examinees select an answer based on an audio clip
  • Exhibit questions
    • Examinees will read a problem and interpret the information on a chart/exhibit in order to answer the problem

More Question Categories

Additional question categories allow your students to select an area of focus for their study by creating custom exams organized by body systems, practice types, or NCLEX® client needs categories. These additional categories help your students maximize their study time by targeting areas in which they need more review.

Updated Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology for the NCLEX®

To simulate actual NCLEX® exam conditions, the BoardVitals NCLEX® question banks are equipped with Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) Technology. This means users can create a CAT practice exam to provide a sense of the style and difficulty of the exam at your unique knowledge level. Every time a user answers a question correctly, subsequent questions will increase in difficulty until a question is answered incorrectly. Similarly, questions will get easier as more questions are answered incorrectly. The number and difficulty of questions will vary for each user because the exam is considered complete once the competence of the candidate is determined. As your students review, their questions on practice exams will reflect their improved understanding.

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