Revolutionize the Learning of Anatomy with Primal Pictures PALMs

Primal Pictures has partnered with Med Insight LT, a leading learning technology company applying cutting-edge research in cognitive science to achieve breakthroughs in computer-based learning, to introduce Anatomy PALMs. Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules (PALMs) is scientifically proven to reduce learning time and increase retention while improving facultys’ ability to assess student progress.

primal palms.png

Proven to produce better outcomes than traditional learning methods, Anatomy PALMs:

  • Optimizes student engagement with a game-like interface
  • Adapts to each student’s learning capacity
  • Provides assessment tools allowing faculty to proactively devaluate groups or individuals
  • Combines science-based learning with Primal Pictures’ best in class content

These modules were tremendously helpful for me. I found it very helpful to see multiple
presentations of everything in order to get the broad scope of what I was learning.
Additionally, the format of the program was fun and interactive in a way the kept me
engaged and while pushing me to improve.”

To learn more about this powerful standalone interactive online adaptive anatomy tool fill out this form to schedule a free webinar with a dedicated STAT!Ref team member.