Master Anatomy Quickly with Anatomy PALMs

Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules™ (PALMs) offer, for the first time, systematic ways of teaching and learning Anatomy through pattern recognition. This solution uses perceptual and adaptive learning techniques, derived from over 20 years of scientific research in laboratories at UCLA and the University of Pennsylvania, coupled with Primal Pictures award winning medically accurate 3D imagery to provide a uniquely effective learning and assessment tool. Learn more below about this resource specifically for undergraduate medical students.

Organized regionally, with each adaptive learning module presenting the user with a series of Anatomical images, created using Primal Pictures Real-time, a 3D model of the human body meticulously reconstructed from real scan data. Each image has a single anatomical structure highlighted and the user must select the correct structure from 5 different options.

Anatomy PALMs works by presenting the user with multiple different images of each structure; once the student correctly identifies the structure several times at a quick speed, the student is logged as ‘mastering’ that structure and will no longer be presented with it. If the student fails to identify the structure correctly, or takes too long, more and more images will be shown of that structure until they ‘master’ it. Progress and results are all logged and available for both the student, and their faculty to see and assess in detail.

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