Global HOPE Donation Helps Train Physicians and Pediatricians in Pediatric Cancer Care

We are incredibly proud to announce the use of our database is now being donated to physicians, nurses and healthcare workers fighting childhood cancer and blood diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. The donation of STAT!Ref content is to the Texas Children’s Hospital Global HOPE organization who has programs in Angola, Botswana, Malawi and Uganda.

Global HOPE intends to have at least seven centers in six countries, maybe more, all aimed at training people to become experts in taking care of their own people.” Dr. David Poplack, the associate director of the Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers and the director of Global HOPE, “estimates they’ve trained thousands of people through community outreach, education, fellowship programs and more.” Poplack ultimately wants African pediatric cancer survival rates to equal outcomes in the U.S. While he knows that will take a long time, he’s hopeful that the “donation of STAT!Ref will increase that number even more.

Poplack said that he was “very impressed” by STAT!Ref and its potential for helping his charity. “When I looked at it, it looked like absolutely the perfect way for our sites in Africa to access the various texts they needed to access,” he said. “We’re really training physicians and nurses and healthcare workers and virtually all that they need resides in STAT!Ref’s portfolio. It was just absolutely what we needed.”

Read more about this incredible donation by our founder and owner Dr. Richard Sugden to Texas Children’s Hospital Global HOPE and how STAT!Ref is working together with pediatric oncologist Dr. David Poplack to help combat childhood cancer in Africa.