Updated Resource: A-to-Z Supplement Reference and Research Digest

Examine.com’s product A-to-Z Supplement Reference and Research Digest, formerly called Supplement-Goals Reference Guide with Research Digest, has recently been revamped to contain an updated layout and several new graphics. Click here or see below to learn more about this new and improved product.


With little regulatory power in the hands of the FDA since the passing of The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in 1994, supplement manufacturers do not have to provide proof of efficacy and only a ‘reasonable expectation of safety.’

Realizing there was no other comprehensive and constantly updated storehouse of organized scientific research on supplementation, Examine.com set out to create one. They’ve brought together a team of independent researchers to make sense of all the conflicting data on supplements.

Key Features:

  • Keeping you up to date with in depth analysis on the latest studies
  • Stay up to date on the cutting edge of nutrition research with information you don’t need a PhD to understand
  • Get honest and objective insight from a team of independent physicians, dietitians, pharmacists, and research experts in the fields of health and nutrition
  • Make fitness and health decisions based on scientific facts… not hype
  • Get the straight story on the most important nutrition and supplement research from the past 90 days

Those subscribers that have this resource please note that the resource has been moved on the STAT!Ref interface from “S” to “A” and the Marc record has changed. However, as this is simply a name change, the STAT!Ref access links will not change and you will see the new content and name change in your subscription automatically.

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