New Titles and Editions Recently Added in Pediatrics, Nursing and PANCE Exam Preparation

Several new STAT!Ref titles and editions have recently been added to our growing collection within the disciplines of Pediatrics, Nursing and PANCE exam preparation. Please see below for more details on all of the new titles and editions added to date.

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New Titles Now Available:

Mental Health Care of Children and Adolescents: A Guide for Primary Care Clinicians  helps users effectively treat and manage children’s mental health care issues. This innovative new resource provides vital guidance for integrating mental health care into everyday primary care practice. Subscribers will learn from leading experts the latest information on enhancements to the medical home and on the care of children and adolescents with mental health symptoms that do not rise to the threshold for a diagnosis, as well as those that do. Learn more about the focus topics included in the resource by clicking here.

Fully revised and expanded, the second edition of AAP Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, provides expert guidance for primary pediatric health care professionals on caring for children with developmental and behavioral concerns—from medical evaluation and care initiation to transition to adulthood. To find out more about this best-selling resource, and how it will help your users confidently evaluate and manage children with developmental-behavioral concerns, click here now.

New Editions:

Davis’s PA Exam Review: Focused Review for the PANCE and PANRE has been thoroughly updated, reviewed, and revised throughout to reflect the ever-changing pattern of medical practice, including opiate toxicity, new diagnostic tests and therapies, and genetics in medicine. Emphasis on two major topics in current medical care: opiates and genetics, focusing on inherited diseases, their genetic transmission, and complications. Click here to read more about this invaluable asset for anyone who is preparing to take the PANCE or PANRE exam. And, as a complementary resource to Davis’s PA Exam Review, we also offer a comprehensive interactive online exam prep resource called BoardVitals. BoardVitals offers access to more than 1100 challenging PANCE questions with detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect responses. Explore the benefits of this affordable online tool by clicking here.

The Scope and Standards of Practice for Profession Telehealth Nursing, 6th edition aligns telehealth nursing with extensive health care environmental and technological transformation. This resource can be used in a wide variety of agencies to develop the structures and processes of telehealth nursing including policies, procedures, role descriptions and competencies. You can also use the Standards to prepare for the ambulatory care nursing certification exam, which contains questions on telehealth nursing and is the recommended exam to validate telehealth nursing knowledge. Click here for further details on this must have nursing resource.

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