Anatomy PALMs Interactive Online Adaptive Anatomy Learning Solution for Medical Students

Available from STAT!Ref, Primal Pictures Anatomy PALMs offer, for the first time, systematic ways of teaching and learning Anatomy through pattern recognition. The patented adaptive learning and perceptual learning technologies tailor learning to the individual, using past and current performance to optimize the spacing and sequencing of learning events. The automated sequencing procedures guarantee that items will not be presented too early or too late in the learning process – both of which can impede efficient learning. To learn more about this powerful standalone interactive online adaptive anatomy tool see below.

Anatomy PALMs works by presenting the user with multiple different images of each structure; once the student correctly identifies the structure several times at a quick speed, the student is logged as ‘mastering’ that structure and will no longer be presented with it. If the student fails to identify the structure correctly, or takes too long, more and more images will be shown of that structure until they ‘master’ it. Progress and results are all logged and available for both the student, and their faculty to see and assess in detail.

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