AAP Pediatric Collections: Editor Curated, Full Text Compendiums on Trending Topics

Now available from STAT!Ref, Pediatric Collections is a series of selected pediatric articles that highlight different facets of information across various AAP publications, including AAP Journals, AAP News, Blog Articles, and eBooks.

Each series of collections focuses on specific topics in the field of pediatrics so that you can keep up with best practices, and make an informed response to public health matters, trending news, and current events. Each collection includes previously published content focusing on specific topics and articles selected by AAP editors.

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Collections address important issues in pediatric medicine, child health, public health, trending news/events, and the latest best practices in pediatric medicine. Key policy statements and research are complemented with news articles and blog posts to concisely explain the key findings and recommendations for improvement in practice, policy, and education.

Suggested Uses for Collections by Role/Setting

Build your clinical reference library with articles tailored to your interests and specific practice and community needs.

Augment your training activity course packs with curated collections that provide a comprehensive view of AAP research and analysis of a topic.

Researchers/Principal Investigators
Kickstart your pediatrics study initiatives and research endeavors with focused collections.

Public Health Professionals
Easily reference the most topical research for use formulating public health policies, monitoring health trends, and implementing prevention strategies.

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