STATRef Platform Featured Taylor & Francis Online Article

STAT!Ref was recently featured favorably in a Taylor & Francis Online article within the Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries, as seen here.


The article states, “STAT!Ref is a versatile e-resources platform that offers customized collections and standard features not seen in similar e-book vendor collections. The platform sets itself apart with its proprietary, full-text, cross-search capabilities that allow users to conduct keyword searches from a multitude of e-mediums, such as e-books, media collections, clinical reference tools, and non-subscribed sources such as PubMed. As a third-party vendor, STAT!Ref offers a range of e-resources from more than 40 publishers as well as subscription options from Product Partnership content hosted within the platform.” To learn more about our latest products and features click here.

The article also states, “What makes STAT!Ref stand out among other e-book vendors is its discovery tool feature that aggregates a large selection of resources and searches down to the full text. How wide or narrow a search is depends on each institution’s custom STAT!Ref collection. In its entirety, STAT!Ref covers many health care disciplines, including pre-clinical sciences, medicine, nursing, allied health, and health care administration. STAT!Ref is a great addition to any health sciences or hospital librarian’s online collection.” Click here for a comprehensive list of STAT!Ref titles and resources available for various and multiple disciplines.

At STAT!Ref, we have many different types of customers and users. Any individual or institution that seeks current, reliable healthcare information, would benefit from a STAT!Ref subscription. Click here anytime to schedule a webinar with a STAT!Ref representative to review our resources and explore custom options specifically suited for your institution.