Anatomy PALMs: A Better Way to Learn Anatomy

Are you looking for the highest-quality 3D human anatomy resources to add to your institution? Available from STAT!Ref, Primal Pictures continues provides continually-evolving, cutting-edge technology with the introduction of Anatomy PALMs (Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules). See below for more information about Primal Pictures PALMs superior 3D human anatomy resource, or click here to contact us anytime for free webinar demonstration.

Anatomy PALMs is Primal’s latest edition in a constantly evolving array of 3D graphic renderings of human anatomy on the Anatomy.TV platform. For over 25 years, Primal Pictures has pioneered and transformed how students learn and how educators teach the complexities of human anatomy and medicine. Built using real scan data from the Visible Human Project, Primal provides healthcare medical professionals, students, teachers, and librarians the best in 3D human anatomy.

The PALMs algorithm uses systematic pattern recognition and relationship learning to expedite learning— while providing faculty with measurable insights into student progress and curriculum effectiveness. Click here for an overview handout of Primal Pictures Anatomy PALMs.

Primal Pictures maximizes return on investment in student learning resources, allowing librarians to optimize their faculty’s time by arming them with innovative teaching tools. These tools ensure learners’ engagement and usage, and ultimately, guarantee students’ successful transition to practice.

These modules were tremendously helpful for me. I found it very helpful to see multiple
presentations of everything in order to get the broad scope of what I was learning.
Additionally, the format of the program was fun and interactive in a way the kept me
engaged and while pushing me to improve.”

To learn more about this powerful standalone interactive online adaptive anatomy tool from Primal Pictures fill out this form to schedule a free webinar with a dedicated STAT!Ref team member.