Get Ready for the New TDS Health

At Teton Data Systems, we’ve been busy identifying and adding a growing list of leading-edge titles and innovative e-learning products to the STAT!Ref and Teton Data Systems family. Our mission is to provide the most relevant and current products, resources, and informatics solutions in the market. Because of the reach and breadth of these products, we’ve begun developing a next generation platform to best serve and meet the demands of our growing customer base.


We will soon be debuting this new platform, TDS Health, as an umbrella for all of the products currently served through STAT!Ref and Teton Data Systems. As you know, the STAT!Ref healthcare database is the premier healthcare e-source that enables users to intuitively cross-search full-text titles, journals and evidence-based point-of-care authoritative resources. We also offer other exceptional resources, such as BoardVitals, Primal Pictures, Protocol Builder, MedCram and much more. Now, TDS Health brings everything together.

For more about TDS Health, please check out our new website, which will replace the STAT!Ref website in early 2019. Access this new website for all of our supporting customer materials, company news, information about new products and features, direct login access to the STAT!Ref database and more. But, don’t worry, current links and registration methods to resources in your subscription will not change.