Welcome to our New TDS Health Website

We have recently debuted TDS Health as an umbrella for all of the products currently served through STAT!Ref and Teton Data Systems. We are identifying ourselves as TDS Health to bring together all of our exceptional resources, including the STAT!Ref database, BoardVitals, Primal Pictures, Protocol Builder and the new products Osmosis, MedCram and more coming soon!


Our new website, tetondata.com, will replace the STAT!Ref website in the coming days. All current pages on statref.com will automatically redirect to the new site to provide a seamless transition for everyone. Access our new website in the future for supporting customer materials, company news, information about new products and features and more. And, don’t worry, current access links and registration methods to resources in your subscription will not change.

In addition to how we are now identifying ourselves, as well as our new website, please stay tuned in the coming months for news about our new product platform, which will also be branded as TDS Health. The new platform will involve new features, new content and enhancements to current offerings.

If you have any questions about any of these transitions, please contact us anytime or call 800-901-5494 to speak with your representative.