Osmosis Creative Video Animations for Medical Learning

Do the medical students at your institution suffer from information overload and need more guidance when studying? Now available from TDS Health, Osmosis eases student anxiety with easy to understand, creative, and visual animations that make for a more enjoyable learning experience. Help students stay organized, maximize their time by studying more efficiently, and retain information longer with Osmosis.


Please see the overview on the TDS Health website and the details provided below to learn more about this toolkit for smarter studying.

Product Features:

  • Library of over 3,000 medical topics, 1,000 videos, and 27,000 board-style questions and flashcards
  • Customizable study tools: study schedule, quiz builder, and a spaced repetition feature for deeper understanding
  • Learning platform already used by over 410,000 individuals with almost 7 million video views per month

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