Osmosis: Everything Students Need to Succeed in Learning Medicine

Osmosis provides everything students need to succeed in learning medicine. Built around evidence-based learning science research, Osmosis’s learning platform, study tools, and comprehensive materials help students stay organized, study more efficiently, and retain information longer. The comprehensive Osmosis Resource Library covers over 3,000 medical topics and includes more than 1,000 videos and over 27,000 board-style questions and flashcards.


Please see the overview on the TDS Health website and the details provided below to learn more about this toolkit for smarter studying.

Product Features:

Comprehensive video library
Access to over 1,000 videos including comprehensive coverage of pathology and physiology and growing collection of pharmacology and clinical reasoning topics.

Flashcards powered by spaced repetition
When students are about to forget something, Osmosis remembers. Osmosis sends flashcards on that topic to test and reinforce student understanding.

Board-style questions to test and reinforce knowledge
Each Osmosis question and answer is carefully written and reviewed by health professionals, who have in-depth knowledge of how the boards expect exam-takers to think.

Customized study schedule
Students plug in exam dates and the resources they want to use and Osmosis provides them with a study schedule that’s completely customized to their goals.

Integration with other study resources
Find references to favorite study tools, like Picmonic and SketchyMedical, for a more seamless study experience.

Offline mode
Students can study on-the-go with access to all of their downloaded flashcards and questions.

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