Lippincott’s Video Series: Nursing Procedures Video Captions Now Available

Now, in addition to Pharmacology World, the STAT!Ref resource Lippincott’s Video Series: Nursing Procedures has captions for the videos, providing text to mirror the narration of the videos. This adds to the resource’s value when it comes to hearing-impaired students or non-native English speakers, among others.


Lippincott’s Video Series: Nursing Procedures helps students actually see how their knowledge and skills are translated into nursing practice. Throughout the videos, students follow a team of nursing students and their instructor as they perform more than 90 nursing procedures in realistic clinical settings. The procedures are organized by basic, intermediate, and advanced, enabling students to develop and then build on a foundation of skills.

Each video features a review of key points, step-by-step procedures including effective patient communications, and discussions on how to modify the procedure in response to an unexpected outcome. The engaging, conversational style and clear, realistic dialogues put viewers at ease instantly.

Key Features:

  • Review of Key Points: Using a question-and-answer format, the nurse instructor outlines the key points that students remember to understand the purpose of the procedure and how to perform it correctly.
  • Step-by-Step Procedures: The nurse instructor and students demonstrate procedures that include effective patient communications. They talk through the procedure, explaining all the how’s and why’s and offering valuable tips to avoid and manage potential problems.
  • Unexpected Situations: The nurse instructor and students discuss how to modify a procedure in response to an unexpected outcome.
  • Engaging, conversational style: These videos are simple to follow and instantly put viewers at ease with their clear, realistic dialogues.

Bundle this resource with Lippincott’s Nursing Procedures, Lippincott Manual of Nursing PracticeAORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice as well as all other STAT!Ref Nursing titles.

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