New BoardVitals Features

BoardVitals has enhanced their user experience because of you! Feedback from users has resulted in the following user interface changes to all test banks for all subscribers. Please see below for more details.

Creating An Exam:

Custom Exam Names​: Users will now be able to name their exams. If the user does not choose a name, it will default to the question bank name and date (ie, Psychiatry Exam March 5, 2019).

Difficulty Level: Questions are now assigned one of three difficulty levels (Easy, Moderate, and Hard) based on their p-value. When creating an exam, users can select All to receive questions from any difficulty, or can choose just one or a combination of difficulty levels.

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 2.13.09 PM.png


Exam Modes Name Update: No functional change, however naming update only to be more clear about what the mode means:

  • Timed mode will now be called “Test Mode (Timed).” Answers and explanations are revealed after the exam is submitted for grading.
  • Review Mode will now be called “Study Review Mode.” Users can review answers and explanations while taking the exam.


CAT Exam Report For NCLEX:

Once a user finishes an NCLEX CAT exam, a new data point will be displayed for the user:

  • Which ​difficulty level ​they achieved (Easy, Moderate, or Hard), based on the average difficulty level of the questions on their exam along with a ​Percentile Rank​ which indicates their rank out of all test takers who fell within the same difficulty level.
  • Computer adaptive tests adjust to the ability of the test taker. Test takers answering questions consistently correctly will receive more difficult questions whereas test takers answering mostly incorrectly will receive less difficult questions. Eventually, the question difficulty levels out as the user advances through the exam. Therefore, a test taker who answered mostly difficult questions and a test taker who answered less difficult questions may end up with a similar score, because they received different questions.
  • This new feature shows a test taker their average difficulty level and percentile rank within the difficulty band, providing a more meaningful indication of their readiness and how they rank among others also studying for the NCLEX.
  • Example: ​78th​ Percentile of ​Moderate ​Difficulty

For more information about these updates from BoardVitals, contact a TDS Health team member here or by calling 800-901-5494.