New Titles and New Editions added to our Growing Collection

Available from TDS Health, STAT!Ref is still a product offering with hundreds of full-text titles. See below and the New & Updated page on our website for more information on our new titles, editions and updates as they are released. As a reminder, new edition updates are available to you automatically during your subscription time frame at no extra cost, this value-added convenience is to ensure that you receive the newest and best content available.

New Titles:

  • Ronald E. Goldstein’s Esthetics in Dentistry provides a thoroughly updated and expanded revision to the definitive reference to all aspects of esthetic and cosmetic dentistry, from principles and treatments to specific challenges and complications.
  • Clinical Cases in Implant Dentistry presents 49 actual clinical cases, accompanied by academic commentary, that question and educate the reader about essential topics in implant dentistry, encompassing diagnosis, surgical site preparation and placement, restoration, and maintenance of dental implants.
  • Evidence-Based Evolutionary Medicine offers a comprehensive review of the burgeoning field of evolutionary medicine and explores vital topics such as evolution, ecology, and aging as they relate to mainstream medicine.
  • Clinical Interviewing is the essential guide to conducting initial interviews, suicide assessment, mental status examinations, and psychotherapy skill development.

New Editions:

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