New TDS Health Product Interface

You now have access to a sneak peek of our brand new TDS Health product interface! We are excited to have an enhanced product platform that is ready for preliminary viewing by our customers only. Our new platform is the new way to access all of your STAT!Ref subscription content and more, and involves a new user interface with new features and enhancements to current offerings.

Screenshot_2019-08-01 TDS Health 11.35.59 AM.png

When all users login to STAT!Ref as they would normally, they will see a banner on the current platform that has a link to view the new TDS Health platform. Not only will you be able to see this enhanced interface and new features, you will see it in real-time with your specific subscription content.

Don’t worry, current access links and registration methods to resources in your subscription will not change now or when the new platform replaces the current STAT!Ref platform.

Please click here to fill-out a survey and provide your valuable feedback on our new platform. If you have any questions about this preview, please click here to contact your representative. Or, for more about TDS Health, please check out our new website