TDS Health Platform Change on Monday, September 9th

The TDS Health platform will be live this Monday, September 9th. Starting then you will access all of your content, including STAT!Ref titles, through the new TDS Health Platform. Don’t worry, current access links and registration methods to resources in your subscription will still work. For more details on the new platform and what has changed, click here.

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What is happening to STAT!Ref? TDS Health refers to the new online platform which provides access to our portfolio of products, including the STAT!Ref Library, Primal Pictures, BoardVitals, MedCram and much more. TDS Health manages all technology aspects of the platform including user authentication, user profile and search and access to the different products (depending on subscription). When a user is accessing a STAT!Ref title, the logo “Powered by STAT!Ref” will show at the top of the reader.

Have you seen the sneak peek of the new TDS Health product interface? When all users access STAT!Ref as they would normally, they see a banner on the current platform’s home page that has a link to view the new TDS Health platform. Or, if within a title, they will get a pop-up prompt with a link for access. Not only do users see an enhanced interface and new features, they see it in real-time with your specific subscription content.

Feedback Button

Please provide your valuable feedback on the new platform via a short survey by clicking here or above. If you have any questions about this transition, please click here or call 800-901-5494 to contact your representative.