Learn why Students Love Osmosis

Are you looking for a supplemental learning tool to help support student success? Built around evidence-based learning science research, Osmosis’s learning platform, study tools, and comprehensive materials help students stay organized, study more efficiently, and retain information longer. Please see the overview on the TDS Health website and the details provided below to learn more about this toolkit for smarter studying.

Osmosis Product Specialties:

  • Medicine (MD) – Osmosis for MD students helps them excel in their medical school classes and prepare for the USMLE®
  • Medicine (DO) – Osmosis for DO students helps them prepare for classes and the COMLEX-USA®
  • Physician Assistant (PA) – Osmosis for PA students helps them dominate PA classes and prepare for the PANCE® review
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP) – Osmosis for NP students helps them supplement their courses, while preparing for their clinicals and NP exam review
  • Registered Nursing (RN) – Osmosis Nursing Fundamentals for RN students helps them excel in nursing school and ace the NCLEX®
  • Dentistry – Osmosis for Dentistry helps students prepare for dental classes and the NBDE® review
  • Pharmacy – Osmosis for Pharmacy helps students dominate their classes and the NAPLEX® review
  • Other Healthcare Professionals – Osmosis for Healthcare Professionals prepares students for any healthcare classes and aids them in studying for their board exams

What people say about Osmosis:

“At Dell Medical School we teach modules on mechanisms of disease that start at the end of February of their 1st year of medical school and the pathophysiology of Cardiology, Pulmonary and Renal. We provide students with the learning objectives for this course and some recommended resources with one of them being Osmosis. I had the opportunity to review the Cardiology and related Osmosis videos and felt that they were not only accurate, but they met the needs of the way students like to learn in keeping it consolidated and brief, entertaining and informative. I also thought that Osmosis would not only be good for our medical students, but also as a review for interns and residents, and anyone in training to build their confidence.” – Dr. George Rodgers, Associate Professor Internal Medicine at The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

I use Osmosis for every single test in medical school. Since implementing Osmosis, my grades have gone up and relative effort has gone down!” –Chelsea Wallace, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Osmosis is great for integrative learning and cutting down time on making study products! I love that it gives me the ability to annotate slides and create flash cards from slides that can be viewed from my phone.” – Corey Boggs, Ross University

Osmosis has helped me since the beginning of medical school, and I am still using it to prepare for my upcoming Board exam. Osmosis not only showed me how to organize my coursework, but also helps me to retain all the information I need to pass my school exams. Osmosis has everything I need to study for school exams AND board exams including the flashcard feature and the questions bank. I have used other study resources before, like Firecracker, but I prefer Osmosis because of all of the features it offers. I will continue to use Osmosis as my primary resource for all my future board exams!” –Benjamin Nolasco, Ross University

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