NOW LIVE: Embeddable Viewer Functionality from Primal Pictures

With the launch of the new Next Generation Primal Pictures updated user interface and new Smart Search functionality, the feature Embeddable Viewer is now available.

Enrich your course materials, boost student engagement, and encourage better student outcomes using powerful 3D anatomy models from Primal Pictures. This new function allows you to embed dynamic anatomy content from Primal Pictures directly into your online course materials, enabling your students to interact with the 3D model without leaving your LMS.

Primal Pictures 3D Embed function lets you integrate interactive 3D anatomy content directly into your own systems while retaining its original dynamic nature: it will rotate, layer, highlight, and display labels, just as it does on the Primal Pictures platform. Please watch this short overview video and see below for more information about the new 3D Embed Function.


More about 3D Embed from Primal Pictures:

  • Keep students engaged and focused on relevant content and your desired outcomes – retain users on your site, LMS, or VLE while providing compelling and credible anatomy content.
  • Suit your specific technology and security requirements and licensing and tracking needs with flexible embeddable 3D solutions.
  • Maximize your Primal license – get more from your subscription as students engage more with your content. Tracking of embedded materials usage is also available.
  • Control the user experience: embedded links can be added to launch the full product at the relevant image, or launch only the model to keep the user focused on the content at hand.
  • Create targeted, focused courses – improve learning outcomes and promote efficient learning and understanding with cutting-edge anatomy resources.

For a webinar tutorial or if you have any questions, click here to contact your representative today for more information on how to embed 3D anatomy models directly into your own systems.