Latest Enhanced 3D Anatomy Solutions from Primal Pictures

Have you seen the latest enhancements from Primal Pictures? Their solutions are constantly evolving to better meet your needs.


If you haven’t checked out Primal Pictures in awhile, here are all the exciting enhancements you’re missing:

Next Generation Smart Search

Primal’s multimedia platform now has a sleek, intuitive redesign, making it faster and easier to navigate seamlessly across the entire Primal portfolio:

  • Intuitive navigation with less training and support so users will want to utilize the tool more often
  • Combines and curates search results from across the entire portfolio, then refine and filter with precision so you can find exactly what you need
  • Beginners to experts can search content in layman’s terms and find what they need faster and more efficiently, for rich discovery and contextual learning
  • Responsive, mobile-compatible homepage so users can search content on the go

Disease and Conditions Content

Disease and Conditions is new content coming soon that delivers seamless continuity in normal to diseased anatomy workflow:

  • Unique and ever-expanding library of still images, animations and guided videos on a range of abnormal anatomy
  • Trusted content based on Primal’s existing verified anatomy model, with each condition created by anatomy and healthcare experts for highest accuracy, comprehension and understanding

Embeddable Viewer

It’s now easy to embed Primal’s best-in-class, interactive anatomy content into your course materials, study guides and other learning resources, maximizing the potential of your license with Embeddable Viewer.

  • Share content directly via your VLE, LMS, intranet or other secure, online resource
  • Track usage when content is embedded in your LMS or VLE
  • Retain the original 3D nature of the content for compelling lessons and study guides
  • Link back to Primal products to encourage independent exploration
  • Create maximum engagement with students in any environment

Real Time Augmented Reality

Experience this visual innovation using the camera on your Apple or Android device for greater student engagement and contextual understanding of human anatomy:

  • Augment textbook reading by recreating a model alongside the book
  • Perform parallel model dissection next to a cadaver in the lab to promote contextual understanding of structures
  • Place an augmented model next to a live person to enhance understanding of different systems of the body
  • Manipulate the 3D models using the smartphone’s touchscreen or move the smartphone around the model to view from different angles

Real Time Touchscreen Accessibility

Primal’s popular 3D Real-time Human Anatomy solution now has touchscreen functionality, allowing users to explore every detail of the body with the touch of a finger:

  • Establish your course as innovative and more valuable to students
  • Drives usage and engagement in and out of the lab
  • Increases engagement and facilitates deep learning for improved retention
  • Strengthen contextual understanding and practical relevance
  • Adds flexibility to the learning framework and environment

For more information, contact us here for a free demo of the Next Generation of Primal Pictures. Or, already a subscriber and need product training? Please let your representative know.