Primal Pictures: A Year In Review

With 2019 now over, we’re looking back at the exciting developments released this past year from our partner Primal Pictures. From new features, to updated content, to unique, leading perspectives on the role of anatomy resources in the clinical, educational and marketing realms, it’s all there.


New Product Features

  • Next-generation with Smart Search – Primal made it possible for customers to quickly and efficiently search across their entire portfolio, giving curated results all in a new easy-to-use updated modern UI.
  • 3D Human Anatomy Embeddable Viewer – Primal gave customers the power to integrate their leading 3D interactive anatomy into their own websites, learning management systems and virtual learning environments.

New Product Content

  • Anatomy PALMs (Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules) and a powerful study and assessment tool accessible any time, from any device. Increases retention, promotes mastery of content, and drives better learning outcomes.
  • Primal’s 3D Disease & Conditions – Primal took their renowned 3D interactive anatomy to the next level by creating a product to show the changes anatomy undergoes in disease with dynamic movies and images.

Leading Innovations

  • How Primal Helps – See for yourself how Primal Pictures can and has helped organizations like yours to increase student engagement and learning outcomes with its cutting-edge suite of digital anatomy solutions.
  • Creating Maximum Impact with Anatomy Content Continuity – For educators, healthcare providers and businesses, content continuity is key to both communicating and understanding the differences between normal and diseased anatomy. Learn what to look for in a content solution providing normal to diseased anatomy.
  • Anatomy of Disease and Disorder – How to score successful outcomes with healthcare professionals, students, and patients using content that accurately depicts the anatomy of diseases, disorders, and injuries.
  • Integrating Technology in Anatomy Curriculum: 3 Fascinating Examples – Read about and listen to a podcast highlighting the latest in integrating technology in the anatomy curriculum. Three scenarios each take a novel approach to solving very different problems.

For more information, contact us for a free demo of the Next Generation of Primal Pictures. Or, already a subscriber and need product training? Please let your representative know.