Osmosis: A Flipped Classroom Tool for Healthcare Students

Osmosis empowers over one million learners around the world with a better understanding of healthcare topics. Osmosis’s creative videos, flashcards and question banks are likely already being viewed by students at your school, but the platform is not being used to its full potential with institutional group access.

Learn more about group access benefits and how faculty can foster increased collaboration and success at your institution. Watch the video below and contact us for more information today!

  • Supports the flipped classroom learning model: faculty can upload materials in advance so students come prepared to engage in active discussion
  • Increases collaboration: students can work individually and in teams using resources that align with already established curriculum
  • Promotes adaptive, self-guided study: simplifies choices for information-finding as students design their own self-guided learning plans

Do you want to learn more via a webinar demonstration or free trial? Just contacts us and a representative from partner TDS Health will be in touch.