Osmosis: Source for the Latest COVID-19 Information

TDS Health product partner Osmosis has provided a helpful page called COVID-19: Your Questions, Answered containing several videos and other pertinent information. See one of the videos below entitled COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 19) March Update – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Pathology:

This video and page illustrate their fast-moving content development and ability to make quick changes, with such a rapidly evolving topic as this. The page is continuously being updated, so you can bookmark it and continue to monitor it for the latest details.

In addition to the video above, on the page there is a video entitled How do we diagnose and treat COVID-19? and Do I need to wear a mask to protect myself against COVID-19? They also provide details about COVID-19 with a Fact vs. Fiction infographic:


And, last week, Osmosis hosted a series of Q&A events on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube focused on the topic of COVID-19. During the AMA events, the Osmosis Chief Medical Officer, Rishi Desai, MD, MPH, an Infectious Disease Specialist and former Outbreak Investigator at the CDC, answered as many questions as possible, addressing common misconceptions, rumors, and concerns. See their FAQ page as well.

Again, please continue to gain insight from our product partner Osmosis via their helpful page: https://www.osmosis.org/covid-19 and contact TDS Health for more details about this innovative and dynamic tool for online distance education.

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