Disease and Conditions from Primal Pictures

Disease and Conditions content from Primal Pictures provides healthcare providers and patients with consistent anatomical images in an engaging solution. Disease and Conditions will help you save time, enhance comprehension, and improve learning outcomes with a library of verified content.

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  • A complete workflow from normal to diseased anatomy solves the challenge of finding a single trusted content source tailored for patient education.
  • For HCP reference in their daily workflows, reducing the time spent on research.
  • Facilitates better patient outcomes by combining Primal’s trusted anatomy model with an ever expanding bank of clinical mixed media content for reference and education.
  • Each condition has been reviewed by anatomy and healthcare experts for maximum accuracy, clarity and educational focus.
  • Images, animations and guided videos are fully integrated and searchable in Primal’s Anatomy.tv Smart Search, ensuring users can find condition-specific content in context with normal anatomy.

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