Osmosis Resources for Distance Learning

TDS Health product partner Osmosis has developed video resources and other tools for educators to support the transition to online distance learning. See below for details and the top videos they have made available to institutions at no cost.

You and your programs may face challenges during the transition to distance learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Osmosis team and platform, with a robust set of high-quality videos and assessment items, are here to help. Check out the Osmosis distance learning resources below.

Transforming live courses into online courses

In light of the academic impacts of COVID-19, how can you transform your live courses into online courses that students can participate in from home? In this video, Sean Tackett, MD, MPH (Research Director at Osmosis) shares how you can transition from live classes to online classes using synchronous online learning tools like Zoom and asynchronous online learning platforms such as Osmosis.

Teaching your students how to diagnose COVID-19

The gold standard for diagnosis of COVID-19 is RT-PCR, or reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction. Unfortunately, current data suggest that RT-PCR is initially only 30–70% sensitive for acute infection. In other words, 3 to 7 out of 10 patients that actually have COVID-19 will have a negative PCR result. The largest study to date of over 1,000 patients showed chest CT has an initial sensitivity of over 95%, meaning that fewer than 1 out of 20 cases would get missed. This finding has massive implications because far fewer people with COVID-19 would be sent back home where they could get sicker and spread the disease to others.

See the Osmosis webpage they have created that contains these videos above, additional videos and other tools for educators. And, also see their general COVID-19 informational page here, which is updated with news and information in real-time.

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