TDS Health Tools for Distance Learning

As we stated in our Message from TDS Health, we recognize that many faculty, students and residents will need to, more than ever before, stay connected, remain engaged and provide proactive remediation. And, that they need to have access to important references to utilize for online distance learning. TDS Health is committed to working with you and providing solutions as to how to best implement these resources in day-to-day online learning and education. We have tools that will help you with these specific needs:

BoardVitals Logo.jpg

BoardVitals is web-based and usable on any device at any time, covering various healthcare board exams, compiling great questions from multiple sources. It makes suggestions on next questions based on your performance and includes key analytics and functionality for program leadership. Institutional level subscriptions provide unlimited anywhere access to all students and faculty.


Primal Pictures offers online cadaver dissection, thousands of anatomical images, videos, animations and more. And, with the new Disease & Conditions product, faculty save time, enhance comprehension, and improve learning outcomes with a library of verified content. Make conditions more relatable and identifiable by providing additional context to textbook explanations.


Osmosis includes clinical cases and curriculum support to aid with distance education, with a comprehensive library of 1,500 videos combined with powerful study tools. Institutional access allows unlimited access for all students and faculty. Features include group study discussions and sharing capabilities, a study schedule to keep students on track, flashcards powered by spaced repetition so students can retain more and longer, faculty has the ability to analyze student data and much more. See how their product specifically addresses remote learning here.

Other dynamic, online, flipped-classroom tools from TDS Health include MedCram (lectures and quizzes), Pharmacology World (in-depth pharmacology videos) and many more. The STAT!Ref database of content also provides needed reference materials and allows for access anytime, anywhere by creating a personalized profile.

Please let us know if you would like to discuss your needs and how our tools can help. Simply contact us and your representative from TDS Health will set up something with you at a time that is convenient for your schedule.