STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts: Insights To Keep You Current

Did you know Evidence Alerts come free with every TDS Health STAT!Ref subscription? The STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts system provides e-mail delivery and access to evidence-based medicine (EBM) information from current research of over 130 premier clinical journals, a great way to get COVID-19 pandemic articles and updates emailed right to you. Click here for a how-to guide to sign up for Evidence Alerts.


The STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts system works with McMaster University (McMaster PLUS) delivering pre-rated EBM alerts that are qualified, then rated for clinical relevance and newsworthiness by a panel of practicing physicians. STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts offer a range of healthcare disciplines that can be chosen delivering relevant and meaningful EBM information focused on your healthcare interests, helping with your clinical decisions.



  • Pick your areas of interest: Receive customized EBM e-mail alerts catered to your healthcare interests.
  • Time-saving flexibility: You no longer need to scan numerous clinical journals to find the information you need. Receive relevant EBM information fast.
  • Daily notifications: Get daily e-mail notifications of important new research about the diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, etiology and economics of medical conditions.
  • Free service: If your institution subscribes to STAT!Ref you have the ability to receive STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts.
  • Archived EBM information:Review past STAT!Ref Evidence Alerts to always have your healthcare interests at your fingertips.

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