Osmosis Webinar: Curricular Integration of Online Learning Resources

As you can see from our recent blog post Osmosis Provides Support for Your Transition to Distance Learning, TDS Health partner Osmosis is providing tools, guidance and support during this unprecedented time in healthcare education. The Osmosis team has prepared a free COVID-19 educators’ resource center to help during this challenging transition. And, this week, they will be hosting an important webinar to guide you even further: Curricular integration of online learning resources.


Join three educators from the Osmosis team—Amin Azzam, MD, MA, Sean Tackett, MD, MPH, and Catherine A. Johnson, MA—on Wednesday, April 22 at 1 pm Eastern, 12 pm Central, 11 am Mountain and 10 am Pacific for a webinar: Curricular integration of online learning resources. During this session, you will learn about curriculum development principles and how you can apply them to the selection and integration of online learning resources. Register for the webinar here:



In the meantime, Osmosis has a commitment to “develop content for educators and healthcare workers, including videos on how to facilitate small- and large-group virtual learning sessions, and are updating the site regularly.

In addition to our free COVID-19 resources, we can also provide cost-effective, institutional pricing options for full access to the complete Osmosis platform for all of your colleagues and students. Our institutional programs include reporting and analytics dashboards to help faculty monitor student performance and utilization.

During this time of crisis, Osmosis is committed to making resources accessible to students, faculty, and healthcare workers to minimize educational disruptions and maximize the capacity of the healthcare system so our communities can flatten the curve and raise the line.”

Register for the webinar this week or please contact TDS Health for more details about Osmosis. Click here, email theteam@tetondata.com or call 800-901-5494 to speak with a TDS Health Team Member.