Two TDS Health Product Partners Discuss COVID-19

TDS Health product partner Osmosis is hosting informative Raise the Line with Osmosis Podcasts. In this series, Osmosis explores solutions with top experts to strengthen the capacity of our health care system during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


In episode 10, Osmosis interviews Dr. Roger Seheult. He is the co-founder of MedCram, another product partner of TDS Health. See more details and listen to the episode here or below.

In this episode, they ask: Why are young patients with COVID-19 having strokes? Why are ventilators not as effective as expected? Why do some patients have the symptoms of altitude sickness? One explanation for these mysteries is the disease keeps adapting and changing. But the other is that our understanding of it is catching up to what might be the truth: COVID-19 is not primarily a lung disease but rather a disease of the cells that line the inside of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. Pulmonologist Roger Seheult, one of the drivers behind the popular Medcram video series, talks about the evolving understanding of COVID-19 and his approach to explaining complex medical subjects to a general audience.

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To learn more about the latest updates on COVID-19 from Osmosis, along with free content and resources, see our latest blog post here or their continually updating webpage Osmosis: All Things COVID-19. This page illustrates their fast-moving content development and ability to make quick changes, with such a rapidly evolving topic as this. Also, see the latest free content and resources specific to educators here or on their page COVID-19 Educators’ Resource Center.

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For more details on free COVID-19 related courses from MedCram, see our post here. They are now offering four full courses. They state, “As we collectively navigate the Coronavirus pandemic, MedCram would like to do what we can to help. MedCram is committed to keeping our COVID-19 videos free for all to access. Please share them with students, friends and colleagues if you find them helpful.”

Interested in learning more about Osmosis or MedCram for your institution? Please call 800-901-5494 or click here to speak with a TDS Health Team Member today.