Physician Assistant Distance Learning Tools and Resources

During this unprecedented time of closures and disruption in response to the coronavirus we have compiled a list of online Physician Assistant tools and resources to actively engage your students and support your online teaching initiatives. Contact us today or see below to learn more about important PA references to utilize for online distance learning available from TDS Health.

BoardVitals is web-based and usable on any device at any time, covering the PANCE/PANRE exam with images in similar format and quality to the actual exam. It makes suggestions on next questions based on a student’s performance and includes key analytics and functionality for program leadership and educators. Institutional level subscriptions provide unlimited anywhere access to all students and faculty.

Primal Pictures has various products with thousands of anatomical images, videos, animations and more. 3D Real-time is a tool to emulate the cadaver lab with a selection of dissection scenes. Anatomy and Physiology contains everything a student would need to independently self-study core principles, filling in learning gaps and complimenting faculty instruction. Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules (PALMs) also provide trackable assessments covering the whole body that you can assign to students and monitor progress remotely to aid their preparation for exams.

Osmosis includes clinical cases and curriculum support to aid with distance education, with a comprehensive library of 1,500 videos combined with powerful study tools. Institutional access allows unlimited access for all students and faculty. Features include group study discussions and sharing capabilities, flashcards powered by spaced repetition so students can retain more and longer, faculty has the ability to analyze student data and much more. Learn more about how you can improve your Physician Assistant program with Osmosis.

Other dynamic, online, flipped-classroom tools from TDS Health include MedCram (lectures and quizzes), Pharmacology World (in-depth pharmacology videos) and many more.

Please let us know when we can discuss your needs and how our tools can help. Simply contact us and a representative from TDS Health will be in touch.