Primal Pictures Distance Learning Solutions

Are your dissection labs going to be closed for the near or even distant future? Given the current teaching environment, an anatomy educator recently presented the following challenge to us: “One of the most important parts of lab is the psychosocial skills students learn from interacting in groups over the cadaver. I want to maintain as much of that as I can.” Primal Pictures products from TDS Health can provide solutions for online distance learning and much-needed student collaboration.


Emulate the cadaver lab, with Primal’s 3D Real-time Human Anatomy

  • Maintain the benefits of dissection remotely with a selection of dissection scenes
  • 2D dissection slides are correlated to pre-set models of interactive 3D anatomy models that you can highlight in unison and color-code according to anatomy
  • Create spotter style exams or use as a replacement to in-lab assessments
  • With Primal’s Augmented Reality, students can send images and captions to each other

Promote independent learning, with 3D Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • Containing learning objectives, guided learning, interactive 3D views, narrated movies and quizzing, available all in one place
  • Contains everything a student would need to independently self-study core principles, filling in learning gaps and complimenting faculty instruction
  • In an online meeting, students can work in groups on structure and label or drag and drop lab activities

Screenshot_2020-04-06 Real-time Head and Neck

Anatomy Perceptual and Adaptive Learning Modules (PALMs)

  • Trackable assessments covering the whole body and structures from every system that you can assign to students and monitor progress remotely to aid their preparation for exams
  • Students can also take assessments independently and work through regions or systems at their own pace
  • To encourage student collaboration, on group video conferences they can challenge each other to identify each structure correctly

“I have just completed my hectic semester of switching all of my in-class lectures to Zoom sessions. In doing so, I was able to use several of our Primal Pictures modules with class groups and really dug into some fun things by having the students pull up Primal Pictures on their computers and me talking through disease pathways from my screen. It was a fantastic learning experience.” — Dr. Scott Kieffer of Messiah College

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