Doody’s Core Titles 2020 Now Available

The recently released 2020 edition of Doody’s Core Titles, an essential collection development tool for health sciences libraries, represents entirely new Core Title selections and Essential Purchase recommendations. We are pleased to announce that STAT!Ref, available from TDS Health, currently offers over 270 titles on the 2020 Doody’s Core Title, Essential Purchase Title or Doody’s Star Rating designation (or a combination of these designations).


For the complete 2020 STAT!Ref Doody’s Core Titles and Essential Purchase Titles by Discipline list click here, or click here for a pdf, and see below for some of the newest STAT!Ref titles within this comprehensive collection.

Doody’s is also promoting reviewed titles that have been deemed relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. “To help equip the front line workers battling the coronavirus pandemic with helpful information, the editorial team of DEI put together this COVID-19 Book List from among the 190,000+ titles in our database and are making this information freely available and as widely as possible. It features 36 titles, 25 of which have expert reviews, and 7 of which had been chosen for the 2019 edition of Doody’s Core Titles.  As you can see, the titles hyperlink back to a free webpage at the Doody’s Review Service website, where we provide access to all the information we have on each title on the list. While the reviews and Doody’s Core Titles related information is normally available only to paid subscribers, we have removed all paywall from this information.”

Included in the STAT!Ref database from TDS Health are the currently available titles Emerging Infections Series and Red Book Atlas of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and the new titles coming soon Essentials of Epidemiology in Public Health, Essentials of Public Health Preparedness and Emergency Management and Public Health Emergency Preparedness.

For assistance selecting titles, or to request a quote, please contact your TDS Health representative here or by calling 800-901-5494 today!